Customer Satisfaction
Normic prides itself on making every delivery to every customer, OEM or retailer on time. Whatever the size of your order, our advanced management software and seasoned production staff assure prompt delivery. In addition, we'll do whatever we can to accommodate unexpected changes. For example, we can help expedite last-minute OEM design modifications through email or other electronic file transfers. Normic can also set up web-based interfaces for qualified customers, so that order releases can be updated daily or during the course of each day coupling Normic production and shipping with the demands of Just-In-Time scheduling.

Design for Manufacturing
If Normic is supplying your OEM products, our sales and engineering departments will work closely with your development staff so that product specifications will integrate seamlessly with Normic's manufacturing capabilities and requirements. We will maintain close contact in person, by telephone, or over the Internet to ensure that development proceeds smoothly. This tight coordination of design with manufacturing yields the best possible quality at the lowest possible cost.

Quality Assurance
Normic quality assurance integrates managerial expertise, system-driven operating procedures, and essential production technology, including state-of-the-art printing presses, optical process controls, and computer-based color-matching.

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