Certification to the ISO 2000 Quality Standard
Normic Industries is committed to the highest product quality, to the highest level of customer service, and to competitive pricing. A key element in meeting these commitments has been Normic’s certification to ISO quality standards for manufacturing. Normic completed certification to the original ISO 9002 standard in 1998. In 2003, the British Standards Institution, our ISO registrar, certified Normic to the latest edition of the standard, ISO 9001:2000. In 2009, Normic was re-certified to the ISO 9001:2008 Standard. Our adoption of this world-class quality system helps ensure continuous improvement at Normic and additional value to our customers.

Development of Emerging Technologies
Normic is currently exploring a variety of emerging technologies that could expedite our prototyping services, improve our production efficiencies, and further broaden the range of products we offer to our customers. These include, for example, the application of digital printing to our product lines, expanded ClearLens® capabilities, and the use of "smart" substrates.

Investing for Value
Normic recognizes that ongoing investments in capital improvements and human resources are essential in order to provide high value to its customers. Currently, planning is underway for improvements in our screen-printing operations and for general expansion of our production capacity. Normic's current training priority is the cultivation of lean manufacturing principles throughout the company. In addition, specialized training continues as we implement ISO 9001:2000.

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